What is included in our garage floor renovations?

We offer a variety of garage floor renovation options that are available for you to choose from! Whether it be just a garage floor upgrade or your entire room, we can help you achieve your goals! Some services we include are:

  • Garage floor refinishing using polyaspartic or epoxy coatings (a variety of colours are available)
  • Painting a fresh coat of paint on your walls, doors, trim and stairs
  • Lighting upgrades, including options around the perimeter that can be motion activated
  • Storage options for the interior including shelving, slat walls, bike racks and tire storage that are both manual and motorized
  • Other carpentry work if there are any other projects needing to be done

What’s the cost of a standard two car garage?

The estimated cost with labour included for a standard two car garage is $3500 for epoxy and $4500 for polyaspartic. Footers, extra floor preparation/crack repair or stair coatings are extra.

Where do we put the items stored in your garage?

We’re pleased to offer driveway pod storage to safely hold the larger items throughout your garage renovation project. Smaller items are usually moved or stored outside.

What surface preparation is included?

Full diamond grind and shot blasting (if needed…) is included in all garage renovation projects.

Which Coating is Best – Polycarbamide, Polyaspartic or Epoxy?

  • COST

  • Super durable & resistant to physical and chemical damage
  • Remains crystal clear
  • 15 year warranty
  • Zero VOC
  • Return to service after 1 day
  • Not recommended
  • Most expensive

  • Durable & flexible, resilient to scratching
  • Remains crystal clear
  • 15 year warranty
  • Zero VOC
  • Return to service after 1 day
  • Not recommended
  • Moderate price point

  • Hard & rigid, moderate abrasion possible
  • Yellows over time if exposed to UV light
  • 5 year warranty
  • Noticeable smell over short term
  • Return to service after 7 days
  • Possible DIY but requires coaching
  • Most affordable
top coat comparison chart-min

CONCLUSION – If you’re thinking longterm polycarbamide is the best option. It is the most durable coating with the resistance to physical/chemical wear and tear you need. But, don’t rule out epoxy as a lower cost, rock solid option!

Before & After

Garage Floor 1 - Before Garage Floor 1 - Before

Why the Beacon Heights Paint & Design Experience?

Beacon Heights Paint & Design is a family run paint store operated by Graham and Nicole Harder. Located in northwest Calgary at the heart of many new communities, Beacon Heights Paint & Design opened its doors in August 2017 and have been building strong community relationships ever since.

So what sets us apart from commercial businesses?

  • We offer relentless personalized service: since we are a small business, we have the opportunity to create genuine connections and tailor our services to your unique needs better than a commerical business can.
  • You are SHOPPING LOCAL & supporting small business: your purchases have a direct, positive impact on the community’s economic growth while supporting the needs of our staff and their families.
  • 5 Star Google Rating – we work hard to serve our customers and over 7 years, we’ve kept a nearly perfect rating!

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