Beacon Heights Paint and Design has you (and your cabinets…) covered!

Cabinet Refinishing is a low-cost alternative to a full renovation for significantly less and with long lasting return on investment.

Talk to any interior designer or general contractor, and they’ll tell you that the most important room in any home is the kitchen. It’s where the most activity takes place and is one of the most worthy investments you can make to keep your home looking modern, comfortable or attractive to new buyers!

Kitchen One

GH Kitchen Before
Kitchen Before
GH Kitchen After
Kitchen After

Kitchen Two

Lee Kitchen Before
Kitchen 2 Before
Lee Kitchen After
Kitchen 2 After

FAQ’s About Cabinet Painting & Refinishing

Is cabinet painting a long term solution and will it last?

Yes – properly applied with an appropriate paint ( Benjamin Moore Advance, INSL-X Cabinet Coat or Benjamin Moore Scuff-X) painting cabinets is a beautiful, lower cost way to refresh all types of cabinetry. Paint is still a coating and therefore won’t last forever, but homeowners can expect to get a minimum of five years before touch-ups are required to keep the coating looking fresh and clean.

Can I do it myself?

Yes– At Beacon Heights Paint and design we’ve helped a wide range of customers repaint their cabinetry. From newbie “do it yourself-ers” to folks who are used to getting their hands dirty, the recommended application method (brush/roller vs. spraying) is based on the customer’s confidence and skill level, but rest assured we’ll provide support (and the sprayer!) through to completion of your project.

Can I live in the home while my kitchen is being sprayed?

Yes – If you choose to hire one of our trusted, referred painting contractors, they will use floor to ceiling plastic to seal off the area being sprayed. This isn’t a 100% solution to stopping paint dust from collecting in your home, but they do their best! It would be a good idea to plan on a good dusting/cleaning once the project is complete.

How much will it cost?

Professionally Sprayed: To have your cabinets professionally sprayed, the ballpark estimate is $110 per cabinet “piece”. What is a “piece” you ask? It’s any drawer front, cabinet door, pantry door or any other kind of door that composes your project. If it has a handle on it for opening, it’s likely considered one piece. Please remember this is only an estimate and based on the complexity of your project, your total project cost may be higher or lower.

Do It Yourself: For the cost of paint and the correct applicators (roller and brush), the required supplies/equipment to set up a work area in your home and a good portion of your time, anyone can paint their cabinet doors. With Beacon Height Paint and Design’s personalized support, feel confident your end result will be professional grade. Helping amateur painters achieve results is our specialty. If you have questions about cabinet painting, drop by and pay us a visit!

Can oak cabinetry be painted?

Yes – Like most of our neighbourhood customers, the homes we live in were built in the early 1990’s with oak EVERYWHERE! Have no fear, with a few extra steps the same beautifully smooth finish can be achieved with a bit of extra work. Next time you’re in store chat with us about what’s involved.